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Breakfast with Dora and the Master or April’s Fool Joke?

Monica Filippelli

I will love to hang the painting of Dora in my dining room area .The room has a nice view of my schrebergarten and the Uetliberg . So like that , Dora can look out to the beautiful new tender , bright green leaves and the fresh bloooms of the new season ; instead of the usualy plain and blend spaces of the museums where she lives normally . I will play music for her , maybe “The Tales of Hoffmann” and of course a little bit of Her Majesty …“Queen”, Bohemian Rapsody perhaps , I know she would love it.
I will invite the very few kids in my building so they can meet her and from afar look at her .
Maybe I can put some pencils and colors in my dining room table and have them try to render their vision of Dora . We will try to revive that day when Maestro Picasso painted her …and try to relive that moment .